School Skirt Roy

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School Skirt Roy

For over 30 years Burgers Brothers has been manufacturing and supplying Quality and Exclusive style School Skirts for a number of Primary / Entry Level Schools, right through to a range of High Schools in and around Gauteng.

The fabrics used to manufacture these Skirts have undergone meticulous quality control to ensure it can withstand the everyday wash and wear, while still preserving the colour and integrity of the garment.

The wide ranges of Sizes available are designed to fit comfortably to ensure that your child will be ready for the school years ahead.

Skirt Sizes

070H, 072H, 074H, 076H, 078H, 080H, 081H, 082H, 084H, 086H, 087H, 088H, 090H, 092H, 094H, 096H, 098H, 100H, 102H, 104H